It is both the portal and the path. It takes you from duality consciousness (Drama) to Unity consciousness (Acceptance), and from victim consciousness to creativity consciousness. Using your own experience as a test, pick a major drama in your life. Complete this sentence, “I will only be happy when…” Now think of something in your life that needs to change before you can find fulfillment. The drama is exactly what will happen to ANYONE who holds the BELIEFS about themselves that you do! The reason that acceptance is the first is so you are not creating from a place of victimhood, anger, fear, jealously, greed, or desire of enrichment of self over another.

Your deepest beliefs govern all the choices you will make. If a particle enters this universe and has the experiences you have and comes to the same beliefs that you have, then it will experience this same drama. All those forms of experiences, create a set of beliefs about ourselves. Every single choice you have ever taken is brought to you by your BELIEFS about yourself. What you believe and choose, is where your energy goes, and where your energy goes – you go. Life will always feedback to you the effects of your own beliefs.

Dramas will continue to play out until we let go of the underlying beliefs we have about ourselves, that is actually inviting the drama. There is no bad luck, you are constantly bringing these things to you. You are the Creator of your entire reality. As you heal your beliefs, your whole world will change for you. The drama will change by itself, as you heal your mind.

The way to see the internal beliefs is to use the world’s reflections of what’s coming back to you, to identify what it’s showing you, and then to make those adjustments within. So just stand in front of the mirror and without any judgment state “This just how things look right now, and I accept that.”

Now say out loud to yourself “I accept that <the drama> is going on in my life right now, as this is an accurate reflection of my beliefs.” 

Do not concern yourself with how you feel with this statement at this point, it’s okay. But to the degree that you don’t accept the drama, is the degree it “seems” to reside outside of you. You cannot control anything that’s outside of you. You cannot create anything that is outside of your control, you are a victim to it. We are accepting the situation, and bringing it home. When it is ours, we can create it differently.

Take the time to really be with the drama. Say aloud that you accept the drama. Think it, feel it, allow the drama to show itself to you in all its facets, so that you can accept every part of the drama. Only when you fully accept the drama, are you ready to move on. if you are not in acceptance, than you are not Creating. As the drama returns to the mind, the drama itself will not change, but how you FEEL about it will change. This is a crucial step towards changing it.

Acceptance is non-resistance. It is becoming centered, balanced and calm about the situation. You do not require it to change, nor to you judge yourself about it. No one is wrong or broken, it’s just a result of a distorted belief from an past experience. Acceptance is total forgiveness. Because there is really nothing to forgive.

Your goal is not to just accept this drama, but all your dramas. And not just all your dramas, but the very principle of drama itself. And not just drama but all of life. You will come to completely accept all of life. And you will be a pure Light being of infinite power. 1) Set aside time each day to meditate to center and listen to your soul. 2) Regularly take time to take ownership of your life, to think about your goals and aspirations. This is a time to learn about your dramas, and assess which choices work and which do not.



Part 1. Intention is just one part of the Magic.

“If wishes were horses, beggars would ride”. This is a very powerful step, but the fact is that wishing alone doesn’t work. Law of Attraction is based on the fundamental truth that ALL IS ONE. Every other is another self. What you do to another, you do to yourself. So to receive, you begin giving to life (at least in small quantities). This is the basis of the Golden Rule and the Law of Attraction.

Part 2: The power multiplier of Universal Will:

The Law of Attraction: 1) What you express into Life is, 2) in Time, 3) multiplied by Universal Will and then returned to you.

So to get the magic “flowing” you cannot just sit with intentions in your mind, you must express your intentions, you must energize them. Without this energy, there is nothing for the Universe to multiple and return to you. The Universe will not work on thoughts alone, and this is a good thing. Imagine if it did. Your every fear, anxiety, and worry would constantly manifest, because most people spend more time in negativity that in positive intention.So it’s a type of protection – you are not permitted in manifesting on thoughts alone.

Intention is like putting the pin on the map. But many people make the mistake by thinking the act of putting the pin on the map should translate directly into them being there. Or that some being will manifest in front of them and magically carry them there. This level of reality prevents thoughts alone from manifesting. You must EMPOWER the intention for this to work.

When your intention is aligned with universal will, then the universe works with you. When it is contrary to universal will, then it’s you against the universe. And there is a big ocean of grey area in between, so the closer you are aligned, the less effort you will have to put in. An example of this is gravity. To counter it would take more effort that to allow it.

So, how would you know what Universal Will is for every choice in your life? How can you find out? Your inner-self knows. It’s therefore important to cultivate that relationship through meditation, body work and breathe work into a deep stillness, and in that stillness, open your heart, and can find out why the Higher Self has incarnated here.

Part 3: Aligning with Universal Will offers protection.

Universal Will always leads to the greatest good of the all. And it will always tends towards love, healing and joy. It will also protect from painful unintended consequences. And one of those consequences in the belief around money, that having enough money will make everything okay. And most people will trade their time on earth, their peace and their health to get it. If they suddenly received millions of dollars, they would realize it is more of a curse than a blessings, and this is well documented.

Planetary wealth is not an intention for everyone’s abundance, it’s an intention for disparity between others. If you wished for everyone to become rich, and everyone had millions and millions, then the money would be worthless. The only reason money seems to have any value is because it isn’t backed by anything. It is created out of debt and debt alone. Your inner self only wants TRUE abundance, and the best for you.

Part 4: You should be crystal clear about your intention

You should be able to state your intention in one crisp and clear sentence. And it should also invoke a positive and empowered feeling in your heart. For example “I am an agent of reintegration for my Spirit Entity.” My example, “I am infinitely financially abundant in all ways.”



The law of action “What you do to Life, will be done to you by Life.” What you do to others, will be done to you also. The law of reciprocity. It is the also the law of Karma. What you express into Life, is multiplied by universal will and then returned to you (Law of Attraction).

All of these are the same: The law of action > The law of karma > the law of attraction > the golden rule > the law of reciprocity. 

The energy or intent behind your action, is what fuels your action. if you genuinely desire to do a kind act to another being, then it will be kindness that you will be putting into the world. The action carries out into the world around you the energy of the intention that is behind it. A loving action to any part of life, affects all of life. It is the ripple that goes out into the world from our actions, whether positive or negative. Once you’ve done the first steps of Acceptance and Intention, you are ready to move into Action.

Action is energy and vibration. And life take’s that energy, multiplies it, and then returns it to you. Life is consciousness, and that consciousness has a will. There are many gods co-creating this reality, and they are all part of the one great Spirit. Life doesn’t reflect like a lifeless mirror, it takes that action and based on the intention, will either increase or possibly dampen it. Although if there is negative action, it may choose not to dampen it and instead allow you to feel the brunt of that, if it will heal. Life is very intelligent, there is no tricking it.

Time is the pause that occurs between cause and effect. There is a time delay, so it’s important to stay patient and to have no expectations on how and when it will arrive. Stay in your peace, for it’s own sake, otherwise, negative energy like doubt may arrive and push you out of the way of your manifestation. The higher the density, the smaller the gap between cause and effect, and can seem to be a magical person. Lower densities might take lifetimes to return.

Sometimes the gap is there to perpetuate the illusion. You wanted to be here in this reality for the experience of deep forgetting. That you can re-create the self. When you are ready to return, you will return with more than you departed with. Every soul reports it to be very challenging, but totally WORTH IT.

As you raise your consciousness, so you reduce the time gap. As you reduce the gap, you empower the effect. As you reduce empower the effect, so you become a far more aware that you are Creating your reality. As you become more conscious of your Creator nature, so you become more mindful of your creations. As you become more mindful of your creations, so you create in a more orderly and purposeful way. And so you align yourself more with Universal Will, and the cycle continues…

What kind I do right now that takes a step towards my intention? Continue to repeat it until you feel. And use common sense which is the small step on that path. And you must also cease taking steps in the wrong directions. Continue taking steps that take you in the right direction. This isn’t rocket science. Keep it simple. Keep meditating, and listen for guidance, or get advice from another. Do it regularly and daily, make it an intention. But make sure you are taking concrete steps forward.

When the universe conspires to bring your desires to you, you may truly expect the miraculous. 



Part 1 is Testing: You get to audition the reality you are creating for yourself. Make sure you like it, sort of a try before you buy. Most human beings are confused about what is good for them. The money trap is one of them. They believe that a huge sum of money, like a lottery win, will bring more joy. Statistics show that this actually does the opposite, and some people are worse of then they started just a few months or few years later. Most people would say they would be the exception. But this isn’t a critic of lottery’s.

You will be protected from disastrous results if you align with Universal will and the highest good. This visualization is really the last chance we have to self correct before moving into that new, desired reality that we have chosen. If it does seem this may not be a good choice, then it possible at this step to set a new intention and let the old one go.

Part 2 is Energizing: An intention on it’s own, is just an idea. Action is the powerful energizer in 3D reality to manifest the new reality, mainly because of the powerful belief that human beings have about action in this world. It kick starts the process. Now visualize it coming into reality and see every part of it existing now. All the particulars of it. That mind is very powerful, as you visualize, you energy it further. Action is physical (lower), Visualization is mental (medium), and Emotion is spiritual (highest). You need all three to Create.

Part 3 is Preparation: Preparing for the shock of it actually working. You set an intention, follow the six sacred steps, and one day, you realize you are now living it. It can be a little unnerving, especially when we’ve spent lifetimes rejecting our own power. Sometimes this is because in the past we have misused power and are now unwilling to go there again. So as you do manifest, you will realize you are once again using your Creator power, and will need to come to terms with it.

So we need to be very careful, respectful and wise during manifesting. And that will reduce bumping the head on our manifesting. Meditation is key here. Without it we might think the inner noise is our real mind, but it is not. We need to transcend the mortal mind, and connect with the Higher Self.

Different people will experience visualization differently. Some will see it, some will feel it, and others will know it. You don’t need to see an actual movie playing out in your mind.

To visualize, you close your eyes and still your Mind. Connect with your heart and God. Inside the heart Chakra, you will find the connection to the Divine. And as you expand that connection, the love begins to flow.

Visualize Example 1: Today is the day, when your intention has manifested. It is happening right now, this is it! What event is occurring that says “this is it!” What is around you and who is around you. Move around, explore it. Spend time with that visualization. Then redo it a few times to make sure you have it visualized completely.

Visualize Example 2: This is a date after the manifestation, and the event is not as exciting. What is your life it like, What are you experiences like now. What have you gained, what has improved, and importantly, what have you lost? Again, spend time with this visualization. Everything comes at some price. Look at the downside. Make sure it’s an acceptable exchange.

Visualize Example 3: What is the impact on your beloved friends and family members. How are their lives effected? What are the positives and negatives now? What have they gained and lost? What about other friends and colleagues? What about random strangers or “enemies”? How are their lives touched by this new reality? Remember all is one, the other is another self. Golden Rule.

Visualize Example 4: Divine Guidance – You cast your visualization into Spirit, after this lifetime. On looking back on what you created, what do you, as this wise and expanded being, feel about this choice? Was this the right choice? Feel your heart connection now. Does it feel like Divine inspired, or was it a mistake? Feel. Spend time with your guides and masters and take their input.  



Emotion can be written – E-Motion, or Energy Motion. Emotion is the driving force behind all reality Creation. First think it, then feel it. Then there it is. Created! A mixture of excitement, joy and love. And their intentions are made manifest. Emotion is the most powerful step. Feeling is believing.

Why are emotions sometimes suppressed? To incarnate into this reality, you have needed to be entirely disconnected from your Creator nature. This means forgetting that we have any connection to Source. That we are born as a simple human and a victim of a harsh world and that you cannot master your emotions, so they are buried, or you see them running a muck. And since they don’t realize the power of their emotions, they don’t see their own magic. Fortunately, in this 3D space, there is a time gap and delay.

Life in duality has taught that joy is something that happens to you, after something happy comes your way. And sadness is something that happens to you, after something sad has happened in your life. This is what happens when you take no ownership of your life or emotions. You are here reading this and are ready to start manifesting more consciously.

For Creator beings, the process is the opposite. The Creator being holds the emotion, say that of joy, in his heart, then experiences that are congruent with that, begin to manifest in their reality. However, it is sometimes productive to experience your shadow self and negative emotions, to see that contrast of what you don’t prefer and how certain recipes fail. Every painful emotion does have it’s time and place and can be a very powerful teacher.

If you are choosing anger, you will receive angry experiences. If you choose joy, you will receive joyful experiences. Both can create a cycle that perpetuates more of the same. If you feel an emotion, there is always a reason for it. The cause is you – your choices or beliefs. 3D beings will disagree and will blame external circumstances. As you awaken, you discover this is not so. Your emotions are created by you.

By the time you are at the emotion step, you should have already visualized your manifestation a few times. Now visualize it again, now you will carefully watch your emotions. How does this feel to me? What is the emotion connected to this desired outcome. You might have a number of emotions that combine with this process. This intention might mean many things to us. At the end of the exercise you should have a named emotion, or a small list of emotions.

These feelings are the engine that will drive this manifestation. Choose the correct the emotion and the attention for this manifestation.

1) Opening your day “Restate your intention, visualize it, then feel it” Don’t arise from bed until you have this. Think of some baby step you can take towards that goal, or ask for guidance on that day.
2) Creating your Focus Item for the day. Carry something around like, a piece of jewelry or amethyst, “This item carries this emotion for me, and it’s meaning is my intention.” Try to use the same item over and over again. Imbuing and charging this item, sometimes called a Talisman, or even a mark on the inside of the arm.
3) Chance Recharge Moments – When you think about the item, go back through the visualization and emotions.
4) Discharge any negative moments. Interrupt and replace with the focus emotion. Make a note that of that negative emotion. It might be part of the shadow revealing itself to let go. This might be a barrier to following your path. You will need to reintegrate your shadow before full manifestation and leaving 3D is available.
5) Closing the day – What action did you take today towards your manifestation, and thank yourself. If you didn’t, think about why, and try to take one tomorrow. How many recharge moments did you have to realign yourself with your journey. Congratulate yourself. Notice if you are replacing those distractions quickly, or if they are being reduced. You are one more day closer to your desired outcome, feel that.



Part 1 is Awareness: Human Beings do nothing but create their reality. But most create unconsciously. When people are negative, they will only experience more pain. You should really be spending your energy on what you do want to Create, in every moment.