You will see monumental changes in the next few years on your planet. We are bringing to your conscious awareness information about how you are being manipulated on two subjects: Extraterrestrial contact with your planet and the Holocaust. The subjects have been used to spread fear and war. All the powers that be on your planet are part of a global conspiracy. But this deception is coming to an end, and we are part of that deconstruction.

We must address these issues so you can move into this new world – your new elevating and increasing frequency of consciousness – without old baggage. It is our purpose to bring you through this journey so that you can understand, forgive, and walk unencumbered into your new future.


Your society is collapsing, and we make no bones about it. We are here to keep you comfortable and to tell you the truth. You have been led like sheep to the slaughter through lies and deceit so that hierarchies of many origins can reap the wealth and benefits of your hard labor and your energy systems. Through manipulations of your mind and technology, they harvest the energy of your fear. This fear has been handed down generation after generation, so you can see this conditioning.

You are very, very intelligent beings and you have been dumbed down. You have been indoctrinated in consuming goods and accumulating possessions. You are trained to think that the more things you have, the more valuable you are and the more power you wield. We will now go into the dark underbelly of the creatures and beings manipulating your psychology, your economy, and your energy systems.

Your world has been a playground for darkness for a long time; but light is coming your way. There are millions of us who are nonphysical. We are highly evolved consciousnesses that have come here to help you climb out of the pit of terror that has assaulted your minds. You must see the slave trade of young children and girls for sexual purposes. You must see the industry of pornography and lust that is secretly driving your young people insane. You must see the devastation of the drugs and alcohol used to mask the true feelings of your souls, and you must see the rape and pillage of your planet as her beautiful resources and energies are taken from her very heart and soul.


The history that you have been deceptively fed through your education system is a mere microcosm of the magnificent and very, very long history that intelligent life has had on your planet. Billions of years ago, before your planet was even really formed, there were very evolved societies through the universe. We have been informed of the disclosure that will transpire on your planet, the stories that will be revealed, and it is important for you to have the documentation to go through this exposition, this unfolding, with guidance, because without it, your minds will not survive.

Billions of years ago intelligent life thrived and grew. What you call God, has been inserting itself into physical form, the play of separation and duality, to gather experiences for a very, very long time. The very nature of your psyche is dependent on the stories those hierarchies have told you, and you will witness people on your planet not doing very well once these revelations come into minds that are unprepared for it. It is very much like running a marathon after you have done nothing but sit on a couch. This is likely to happen in your society as these truths are revealed.

Technologically advanced societies observed your planet as it developed and evolved. Your Moon was added as a stabilizing factor and as a place to store magnetic, balancing information. You witness this in your tides that respond to the Moon. It is also a place for these galactic explorers to store supplies and operate from. Your human race was an engineered implantation of life to see what they could do and how they learned. Other populations were integrated into that surface population and you have layer over layer of genetic experimentation; development, and understanding playing out on your planet’s surface.

And throughout history, visitors from other planets have come to your society. They have presented themselves as gods to give you information and designs to assist in your evolution, and they have come in the form of demons to torment and scare you. When you believe you are the only beings in the universe, you can become arrogant and unloving and as we have said, being unloving is something some of these extraterrestrial beings have wanted from you. Atlantis and Lemuria, are hidden in the depths of your planet’s history. They were not accurately described in your mythologies, but they were great civilization that lived and thrived on your planet millennia ago. But we don’t want to get into timelines and get you stuck in the past. This information is to demonstrate the length and dept of your interaction, as a planet, with extraterrestrial beings. This information is also a warranted tangent leading you to the connection with the event know as the Holocaust.

In your planet’s evolution, you have been in a constant state of duality. You have come down into physical, material separation from love, from oneness, and you have entered a place of “lack of love”. You have had the play of light and dark going on through history, You have had the play of the oppressor, and you have had the play of the oppressed. The limited, materialistic “one life” view causes the suffering you experience.


Your deep entrenchment in physical and material consciousness is a consequence of your consumer programming over several generations through your mass media. You have been brought in a tremendously shortsighted view of reality, which makes it hard to accept death and suffering and oppression. We have been shut down incrementally and intentionally to your hands and knees where we can no longer see above the grass to the beautiful landscapes and experiences beyond it.

There is not karma as it has been defined in many cultures, that states that if you perpetrate a crime, that there is punishment forthcoming from the Divine or Universe. All the universe does is interpret frequency, and there are many frequencies. There are many experiences, people, places, and things within each frequency realm. When you reside in a high frequency realm, you experience things such as love, peace, equanimity, creativity and freedom. If you are in a lower-frequency realm, you experience sickness, poverty, shame, worry and fear. In that realm you meet other people of a similar frequency. As long as you stay in that lower frequency, you will appear to receive negative experiences when you act in a less than loving way.

The social face is one where the outside looks a lot higher in frequency than it actually is. It is not your smiling face that generates this, it is your thoughts and the energy and intentions behind those thoughts. You see what seem to be very calm and civilized lives riddled with accidents and disease and seemingly random negative events. Of course, they are not random at all. They are being generated from within those hearts and minds, and it is difficult to understand because you have been trained to be superficial. “Bad things happen to good people.” This has been used to explain seemingly random dispensations of negativity. You think it’s from past lives, but generally it is from the true frequency you are holding now.

You live in a reflective universe that brings your frequency into physical manifestation in the form of people, places, things and event to show you what your true frequency is. This is a great gift from the universe. It does not say you are good or bad, it says you are “this” frequency – that is all. We have a frequency that we come into this incarnation with and that is reflective of the type of family we have. But over that lifetime, you focused your mind, you learned to forgive your family for their harsh ways, and you became gentler. Religion reflects these truths but it met with the ego expression and turned into rules and doctrine and dogma.


It is indeed true that genetic experiments taking place on your planet were led by lizard and reptilian masters. Many of the dinosaurs were reptilian of high intelligence. History says were small-brained and inefficient creatures, but this was not so. The extinction had many causes. We are merely telling you that you have had influences on your society that are not simple, are not always in your best interests, and are not always humanoid, so you see your history correctly.

Many of the extraterrestrial encounters you have had were in the lower realms of your lower consciousness and even beneath that. Because you have been kept ignorant of your beautiful, loving nature and trained to be aggressive, judgmental consumers, you are ignorant of your natural selves, and that is why you suffer on your plane at this time. The suffering you experience signals that you are not in accord with yourself. We think we suffer because the world is bad, but we suffer because we are not in harmony with our true selves.


Your have been deeply indoctrinated in believing in the physical, and that is not accidental. Keeping you occupied with the physical prevents you from tapping into your godlike quality we have referred to so many times throughout our teachings. That is what we are trying to get you to – a mind that is free of indoctrination and listens to the inner guidance Spirit has given to you as a gift on your journey. We remind you that your feeling/emotional self is your connection to Spirit. Remember, your behavior comes from what you think, and your thinking comes from what you believe is true.

The idea of death is one of your great fears, and reincarnations shifts your consciousness on this idea. When it comes to spiritual information, you have a completely repressed society, but are very happy to say it is slowly opening. Those who have the capability are given more access, and that is what you see in this being. In an ideal world, you would be raised in a loving family that would pay attention to what you enjoy and don’t enjoy and would shepherd you along your path of evolution with very attentive and caring concern. For example, if you were wealthy in a past life and had memories of owning expensive things and of being very well treated and then came into your next incarnation, loving parents would have compassion and try to work through that by maybe buying the occasional nice things instead of being ignorant and calling you a spoiled brat.

3D reality is huge grid of thousands of intersecting lines, and each intersection is a lifetime. Some of your dreams are from other lifetimes, some of your inspirations are from other lifetimes, and they are all interconnected, offering an endless supply of energy. When you shut down your creativity or dismiss your dreaming life, you are dismissing the opportunity for great education and growth. Each lifetime is gaining some understanding and lessons from the experience and downloading it into the entire system. There is not one timeline along which your life times take place. That is an illusion. In this time and place, you have been so focused on the material and forced to believe and value only the physical that it has become your only reality. There are other beings on your current timeline that can dip into other dimensions, commune with other beings, shift other energies in other times and places, and do healing work throughout these realities.


When a subject causes fear or disturbance in the mind, the mind is not aligned with truth. That is how you know a subject has been contaminated with untruth. There has been a great manipulation of the collective consciousness of your planet since the early 1940’s. In the post war era, modern conveniences have proliferating in attempt to move us into comfort and complacency, willing to ignore injustice, pain and suffering. This has been done intentionally. This indoctrination includes violence on television – the battles between good guys and bad guys, cowboys and Indians, and gangsters and lawmen. The manipulation was that the “good guy” was forced into violence. He had no other choice. This paves the way for more violence in society, which results in more sickness and obesity from comfort to calm the distress.

The funds from your society are being filtered up through levels of banking and economic manipulation into the hands of the very few, and those hands are wealthy indeed. They have created a powerful and well-orchestrated system of psychological manipulation. The Holocaust is one such manipulation. The continued marketing of this atrocity, has led you to extreme judgment and separation, and a low frequency. They are counting on the fear-mongering to continue to propagate and justify increasing violence and militarism. And that has been building the military-industrial complex. Yes, the human part of the war in the Middle East is about oil, but the primary driver is energetic. That is truly what is at play in the Middle East. There are many vortexes and access points into other dimensions and traversing points located in that area that are very precious and are being used by higher-ranking beings to travel in out of this dimension and galaxy. There is much fighting over this area and this allows great influence to be wielded on your planet.


In your long history with ETs, those beings found a way to travel from distant planets, distant habitable moons, and even distant dimensions. In our distant past, there were civilizations on this planet that had open communication, open interaction, and open cooperation with beings outside of our space. A few thousand years ago, there has been a usurpation of your psychology into chaos. You have not been allowed to take the path of the naturally evolving consciousness that will always (pay attention to this) choose to feel better. If you align with love, then you will increase your power and influence, a basic tenant of the evolution of the consciousness.

“Why was this allowed?” Well, this is a freewill zone, to allow consciousness to try out different experiments. Many civilizations did not survive because they did not choose love. From Spirit’s and higher realms’ points of view, if a system is tried and fails, that is okay, no judgment. It is an experience and those beings will come away with a new way of looking at things. This is the way its supposed to work when it is not tampered with, but over the past few thousand years, your minds have been tampered with. The Inquisition was a systematic and planned psychic domination of the population of that time. But you are powerful beings and can choose love.


The consciousness in which you find yourself is a magnificent manifestation of the attributes of God. You undermine yourself with constant judgment, whether with looks or money, etc and thus disconnect yourself from your magnificence. Society is nothing more than a physical manifestation of your consciousness. You do not see yourselves being part of the problem, you think you are powerless. You do not view reality correctly or see that you are, in fact, bringing into beings the things that will, in the end, destroy you. The ego mind is split, meaning it doesn’t understand itself. It accuses other beings of doing what it does. Miscreation, which is causing your world, to fall into disarray, is the belief that you have nothing to do with what is happening outside you.

Jesus taught the opposite of miscreation and powerlessness. He taught the Kingdom of Heaven is within you and that you are capable of performing the miracles he performed. He went to the cross by choice. Practicing forgiveness demonstrates that you understand you are a creator. Judgment is to attack the part of your mind that you have put outside of you, that split mind, the projected mind. Forgiveness brings your power back to you, or rather reminds you the power has always been within. The split mind is not really split, but the illusion of one. So to tune into God, you must forgive the world and learn to love everything you see, that reunifying action will manifest the healing of your split mind. It will take you to up into the frequencies of love and mastery of the physical/material world.

When you focus on something, that is what comes. You must accept that your life is your creation. You must accept that you demonstrate an error of thought when you suffer or when you are out of accord with abundance, health, or financial well-being. Integration with the Divine Mind results in wealth and healing and abundance. You are Divine aspects of God mind and very powerful indeed. The Right Mind is love, peace, kindness, generosity and forgiveness.


Murder is the belief that his or her body holds something away from you that you want or need. If you believe a body contains the secret you want or need, you must either have that body or destroy it. This is the fundamental teaching of the ego. The body holds a secret, and you must get it. The truth is the body is contained in the mind. The body cannot act out of accord from the beliefs in the mind. Hitler sought to attain a feeling by destroying other bodies, the result of an insane mind. The vicious circle comes from a mind miscreating something, then another mind judging it, and therefore re-creating it and keeping it alive.


Until you forgive that even, until you take your gaze from the past, you will not be able to change the future. Your focus on the past constant reiteration of those crimes are holding them up for justifications for further crimes. Before any being is born in a physical body, it is helped to design a life that will bring it experiences that it does not yet have a complete understanding of. The being coming into consciousness wants to grow, learn and understand. It wants to comprehend, and it must do that through experience, that is the only way that beliefs are changed. A large group of souls that believe in victim and victimizer decided to create the Holocaust to bring clarity to the horrors of these human beliefs that could not be ignored. But because of the manipulations of the elite, Spirit is now intervening, because you are losing your ability to create a good future.


Contemplate that perhaps the way you have been told this story, the way you have been repeatedly molded by this story, is not serving you or your planet. This is going to stop, but we want you to change your minds as this process progresses, otherwise, it will repeat. The powers to be have been in charge for a very long time and they how to manipulate. Now there is a revolution on your planet, and the secret societies, secret activities, and hidden agendas are being exposed around the world. It is time for all of you to rework your minds. If you do not begin to change your minds, then the transformation your society is going through will be impossible for you because you will be lost in the past; wishing you could go back to the way things were, when in fact the past was a prison that was limiting and unfair, and it caused a lot of suffering.

The new world will have a much leveler playing field across societies, not just in your Western society. This is a very important time in your society, it is the end of a long cycle of evolution, and what you haven’t achieved is coming home to roost very soon. Your blindfold is about to be taken off, and we are trying to prepare you for what you will see. We are trying to help you take the blindfold off little by little. Read the writing on the wall, if you keep doing what you’re doing, you will not survive. Begin the revolution within you. It must take place within because that is where the contamination and the hypnosis have take place. You don’t have to tell anyone you are doing it, and you don’t have to demonstrate it in any way or action, but you must focus on love and on forgiveness.


This opportunity for expansion is the most important moment in the history of your planet. Earth is a sentient being. She is Gaia, a wise and generous and fertile and productive being who has allowed you to populate her surface. She brings force a frequency of love, generosity, kindness, and abundance and genetic material for you to play with, eat and join with. We are taught to believe this planet is an inanimate object without feelings, by the Industrial complex, so there would be no empathy as we rape her resources. But Earth has had enough of your games. She has the more powerful vibration, so we must match it. She does not care whether you come or not. We suggest you go with her. Now is the time to begin your internal transformation. Now is the time to ask questions. The ruling elite fed you a story, you took the bait, now you are paying the price for it.


As you go through these chapters, take breaks if you need to, cry if you need to, write in a journal if you need to. Do not rush through any of this information. We really encourage you to allow the discomfort of these growing pains. It is important that you grow as quickly as possible with scaring yourself too much and becoming imbalanced. If you convince humans that the wrong decision is the right decision, they are still using their free will. You have tricked them into using their creative minds, to bring into being what you want. In doing the lessons in ACIM, you take back your mind and the innate, loving frequency that is your birthright. You think it is the state of the world out there, but it is not. The state of your mind is causing this suffering. It is your duty to raise your vibration as much as possible in the next year, you are out of options. This universe is reflecting stronger and stronger and what you choose will be your road.


The time is now to choose love. If you don’t do it, you will miss the train. America imported many Nazi scientists, soldiers and magicians to the West after the war to continue their manipulating and mind control ways. We are here to open Pandora’s box. Once you begin to look at the truth with an open and honest gaze, you will see the games, the buses and the unloving structures that are attempting to maintain control of that part of the world. What is being reached now and will take place in the next few years is the battle between love and fear. You must say “I can see the dark underbelly of society and its wars, separation, isolation and pain must stop. I will do whatever I can (in my mind first) to side with humanity and equality and kindness and I will act in accord with those beliefs so that everyone around me knows war is not okay.”


Entertainment is an addiction in your society. The entertainment industry is hypnotic and control focused, and it lulls you into lowering your frequency in many ways. Many of you feel shame about sexuality, yet in this modern world, you receive messages to flaunt and expose your body and to give it up for entertainment purposes. This is a low form of sexual energy, and it is one of the biggest areas in which you are losing your power, your force. These sexual energies have been kept at a lower, almost animalistic nature. When you raise sexual energy to the realms of love, it maintains its power and turns into the most benevolent creative force there is.

Are you marketing yourself as a product? As long as you stay in a body-worshiping, materialistic, consumer vibration, you will fear, believe in, and worship death. That is the nature of the go, it loves to fight, it loves to war, it loves to kill, and it loves to separate. The systems of mass management are the most lethal drug you consume. Violent sports and video games are also like drugs. If you could see the frequency of the beings who feed off your anger and rage, you would be horrified. Just as you can be healed by higher frequencies of Spirit, you can be infected and depleted by lower frequency consciousnesses you cannot see or detect. This is a free will zone, you must choose what you consume. You are the decision maker. Your beauty is not in your body, but in your heart. You are very powerful beings and that is why so much effort has been put into harvesting your energy, your focus, your beliefs, and your cocreative abilities.


We want you to know the symptoms of an expanding mind so that you do not feel fear, because that is what you have been trained to interpret conflict as. You have been trained to interpret conflict as fear when, in fact, conflict is the mind just trying to sort out information. We want you to react appropriately to information. That means when a being of high frequency instructs you on how to alleviate fear, follow those prescriptions. The more people align with love this knowledge, the quicker changes can take place in your society. Do not remain in an anti-globalist mindset. Merely observe what it is doing – destroying your planet – and then focus your powerful creative energies toward local action inspired by a desire for a sane and loving community.

Disclosure is coming your way. Many secret government programs, actions, monitoring systems, and manipulations systems will come into the daylight. But don’t get angry with those people and plans. Instead, starting where you are, start making decisions from a place of love, a place of kindness, and a place of AWARENESS about what is happening. One potential reality is that you don’t choose love, so you continue to attack, judge and live in fear. That would lead to a militarized global system that is completely oppressive and in which you would lose your freedom. There are other future timelines you can jump to, but this requires you taking back your personal creative powers. When aligned with love, one person can transform the world, so imagine what you can do together. You must act in the way you would like others to act towards you.




CHAPTER 17 – 23

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