We are manifesting in every moment and with every thought, whether we are aware of it or not. So the trick is to get into the driver’s seat. We can start to manifest consciously by holdingĀ a high frequency by following our bliss and creativity which helpsĀ cultivate a state of joy and happiness. Other ways to raise our frequency is through True Forgiveness, where we see past the mask of others to their heart-center so we can see ours. We also use those things that are being reflected to us to remove our negative beliefs about ourselves and the world.

How it typically works is we get to that higher state and then focus on what we are wanting and “place the order” with the universe. A good analogy is throwing out a boomerang, this is because we are in a 3D reality with time, so there’s going to be a delay while we experience the process, which is the whole point of coming here. However, if during this time of waiting for the manifesting, we remove ourselves from that higher state through not respecting the time delay or judgment, fear, self-doubt, etc., then when the boomerang returns, we are no longer there to receive it, we because we’ve left that frequency.

Another issue that can arise is that the thing that we are manifesting is a vibrational “stretch” for us. The frequency that we typically are in, is not as high as what we are asking for. An example of this would be where we are asking for a loving relationship but we are still holding onto belief systems of abandonment or rejection. Until we clear that program, we are no longer resonating at that frequency that we are asking at.

Manifesting serves double-duty. On the one hand, it is there to bring us things that are preferences to us to reaching a higher state of peace. On the other hand, it will lead us directly into those negative belief systems that are barriers to that frequency and that manifested idea. So as we are manifesting a certain relationship, we might have to go through another relationship first, that helps us to see the reflections we are receiving from the universe via the manifesting process and begin to own that and heal that. Once we begin letting those negative beliefs go by seeing that they no longer serve and instead hurt us, then we will get closer to the things we are wanting to manifest.

The reason those negative beliefs start coming up for review when we start vibrating at that higher frequency is because those ideas are no longer a vibrational match for us. But they don’t just float away. Because they are our creations, we must undo them, to make new creations that are in conflict with those older ones. Too often, however, when those items come up, we beat ourselves and ask why we cannot stay in that frequency.

When we are conscious that we’ve moved into a lower frequency, we realize it and lighten up, and take care of letting go of those beliefs. So, focus on the long term successes, and stay the course no matter what arises. We have everything we need in each situation to allow those items to rise, see how they don’t serve us, and then let them go (True Forgiveness). We are always shifting frequency so we are always in a state of change and that’s what we need to get used to, it is the 5th Law of Existence. These changes are to allow us to know what we prefer and what we don’t so we can take the next step in our involution.

There is no good or bad frequency. Everything is perception-based, meaning reality is neutral and so it’s our experience of it, whether positive or negative that determines how the world is perceived. Low frequency is not bad, it’s just different. High frequency is not bad, it’s just different. And when we don’t have a charge to it, then we are able to move between frequencies easier. When we are present in the now, it makes it easier to see where we are vibrating at, and also to check what has arisen.

And that’s the goal, of where we are all headed, to be fully present and decide if we like where we are vibrating or not, without judgment. We can not like it, but we are not charged to it, it’s just neutral and something we don’t want to re-experience. The whole point of this process is to clear out our energetic fields so we can take the lightest version of our energetic body with us to the higher realms.

We all chose to be here, although some may find this difficult to believe. It is a unique experience. Once we move beyond the veil into the other dimensions, we have the awareness that we are a unique consciousness and special set of filters and also part of the Collective. So this game is where we decide, wouldn’t it be interesting to pretend to separate from Source and have Freewill. This allows us to do our own thing, as it were, and to split off from the Collective. So we constructed this 3D game.

So this experience is the transformation from the idea of separation back to the Collective. It’s not about the end result, it’s about the process. Enjoy the process! 3D has a very thick set of rules, and 5D also has a very thick set of rules. This is a game of descension and then re-ascension. We are not starting at the bottom of the barrel, we are already part of Source energy and were fully created and perfect before playing this game. We are all part of God, Divine Source, all that is. It’s impossible to truly separate, that’s the game.

So the 4D is a boundary realm to move from 3D to 5D. But the victim mentality holds us back from 5D. Smaller manifesting, like manifesting a parking space, is easier because there aren’t that many attachments. Larger items are “harder” in the sense that there is more baggage. And until we work those items out of our mind, we won’t see that end result manifested.