1. Lord Geildarr’s Keep – If there are any dwarves in the party the guards taunt and threaten them before they throw them out.
2. Downstream Boat Rentals (Arena Quest) – After the party pays their 25 gold pieces they are trapped instead of being given a boat.
3. The Griffon’s Grange Tavern (Arena Quest) –  The party is trapped here when they try to leave.
4. The Bull and Boar Tavern (Arena Quest) – Someone has changed the ‘Boar’ to ‘Bore’, and a girl who complains about dwarven vandals is trying to restore the sign. The party is trapped here when they try to leave.
5. My Horse’s Home Tavern (Arena Quest) (really just another entrance to The Griffon’s Grange) – The party is trapped here when they try to leave.
6. Memorial (Arena Quest) – Flowers have been set here in memory of the city’s murdered dwarven leader, Phintam.
7. Inn of the Lucky Caravan (Arena Quest) – The party is trapped here when they try to leave.
8. The Gentlemen’s Armory (Arena Quest) – The party is trapped here when they try to leave.
9. Valhala Here Inn (Arena Quest) – If there is a dwarf in the party, a dwarf who passes by as they approach this building warns them to get off the streets for their own safety. The party is trapped here when they try to leave.
10. Unknown Inn (Arena Quest) – An old unnamed inn converted from a tower used for the defense of the city. The party is trapped here when they try to leave.
11. Shrine – A shrine to the dwarven deity Dumathain.
12. Old Castle – This is the entrance to an old castle.
13. Temple of Bane (Arena Quest) – There is no sign outside this evil temple. Healing services are available here, but the party is trapped when they try to leave.
14. Informants – A small party of dwarves is hiding here. Do not attack them; if the party talks with them they tell the party about recent events, and about the medusa and her hellhound guards.
15. Medusa (Quest) – Several people who have been turned to stone by the medusa are in this room. Hellhounds and the medusa attack once the party moves farther into the room.
16. Encounter – Griffons and Zhentil fighters defend this tower.
17. Encounter – The party is recognized when they enter this tower. Griffons and Zhentil fighters attack.
Redblade . A Zhentarim guard wanders by, notices them and crushes them with his boot.
18. Encounter – Griffons and Zhentil fighters are here. The guards in this cold tower are pleased to see the party, for they were about to mount a patrol to find them.

Synopsis: Since its recent change from a dwarf-led to ahuman-led city, Zhentarim caravans have appeared in Uorkh, and servicing them has replaced mining as the chief industry. For both its isolation and its Zhentarim influence, Uorkh is a place that no one wants to go-just as suggested by Amanitas-unless they are going ‘the long way round’ the Great Desert.

The new leaders of Uorkh have been working at driving away the dwarves who once worked the mines here, and if there are any dwarves in the party they are taunted. Many dwarves-including the city’s last leader-have been killed by Zhentarim death squads.

As if things weren’t bad enough, a medusa has taken up residence in the old castle, and several former residents of Llorkh are now statues visible on city streets.

Do not enter Uorkh until each party member has bought a mirror (available in adventurer supply shops in many towns). Characters must READY the mirror during combat with the medusa in order to avoid being turned to stone. Characters whoare turned to stone may be returned to flesh at any temple, but the fee for this process is very expensive.

Do not enter any shop or inn in Llorkh until the party is fully rested all spells have been memorized and the game has been saved. The stores and inns here appear normal, but after the party conducts its business in them they are trapped and slide down a ramp into an arena beneath the town. They immediately go into an extended combat there, and need to conserve their resources carefully. The party can rest at the inn, but are imprisoned immediately after doing so.

Resting: The party can rest anywhere except in the city streets. They should avoid using the inn if possible until they’re ready to fight in the arena.

Wandering Monsters: In the city streets 3 groups of Zhentil fighters attack the party. In any of the town’s buildings 3 strong groups of ogres may be encountered. In the old dungeon, small numbers of Hellhounds appear; after the medusa is defeated no further wandering hellhound attacks occur.

Objective: Fighting Vaalgamon’s armies are optional here. You can move past these encounters to LLorkh, which is east of Loudwater.

Experience: The party can receive tremendous experience here for fighting Vaalgamon’s armies. It is recommended to chip away at Vaalgamon’s army (14-19) before engaging the main army (20). The main battle (20) will still offer a large amount of experience, just be fully prepared.

Quests: There is technically no quest here, but rather a story development around clashes with General Vaalgamon and his Zhentil army over the attainment of the Statuettes.

Leaving: Head to Llorkh after Loudwater. Llorkh has lots of traps and encounters, rest and restore hit points and spells before travelling.

Llorkh was originally founded by Netherese refugees fleeing the downfall of Netheril, sometime after its fall in the Year of Sundered Webs, −339 DR. The neighboring settlement of Loudwater was founded around the same time.

Later on, further settlement of Llorkh and Loudwater, as well as Longsaddle, Secomber, Triboar, and others, was undertaken by pioneers from Waterdeep after the establishment of the Lords of Waterdeep there in 1032 DR. These pioneers were sponsored by noble and mercantile Waterdhavian families.

Llorkh grew to become a sleepy mining town, its people busy working mines in the nearby hills and farming the surrounding land. The town was led by a series of lords, well-respected, retired miners and warriors. However, production soon started to wane and Llorkh began to dwindle. Only stubborn miners and many sheepherders were expected to remain.

1 – Inn

2 – Resident

3 – Gnoll

4 – Supplies

2 – Ghoul

3 – Zombie

4 – General Vaalgamon

2 – Rishpal