1. The Port Llast Harbormaster – He tells the party how the Gallant Prince came to be moored here.
2. The Stonecutters’ Guild – Here they warn the party about the power of the Hosttower of the Arcane in Luskan.
3. The Gallant Prince – This ship is moored to the dock at this location. Go west to board the ship.
4. The Inn of the Ancient Mariners – The party can rest here..
5. Cargo holds – Miscellaneous containers are stored here..
6. Storage – The main holds of the ship.
7. Crew’s Quarters – Several beds are stacked here for the crew..
8. Statues – This hidden room holds three statues-actually the captain and two sailors turned to stone by an evil magic-user from the Hosttower of the Arcane.
9. Magic Mouth – A Magic Mouth on this door asks for the password to enter the Captain’s quarters. The password is “KAS”.
10. Encounter – Skeletal fighters and zombies attack the party here.
11. Captain’s Quarters – Several owlbears have been left here to attack anyone bold enough to investigate the ship. Since the owlbears have fearsome claws and can hug and immobilize a player, the party wants to make this a long range battle if possible. If the party has the initiative at the start of the battle, back everyone up a few steps into the narrow doorway. Here it is harder for more than one or two owlbears to attack at a time, and while the front row fights the back row can fire spells and ranged weapons.

12. Secret Room – This secret chamber is guarded by skeletons, ghouls and Hosttower wizards. The ghouls have the ability to paralyze enemies, and any character in the front row is vulnerable to them. Have a cleric turn undead to make the numbers in the fight a little more fair.

Have the other spell casters use Charm Person or Hold Person spells to take out the enemy spell casters before they can get their high level spells off. If this isn’t possible, hit them with arrows and anything else to stop them from casting until they can be eliminated.

After the battle the party discovers another statue lying in a corner. Beside it is a note describing how the Krakens and a magic user from the Hosttower of the Arcane took over the ship as part of a plan to clear the sea lanes near the Purple Rocks.

13. Storage – This is a storage room for the crew’s supplies. Searching this room reveals the password for entering the Captain’s
quarters : “KAS”.

Synopsis: The Gallant Prince is an abandoned ship that was separated from a convoy in a storm on a voyage from Neverwinter to the Purple Isles. It appeared adrift off of Port Llast, its hull weathered by the travails of a century in just the last ten days. A local fisherman towed the ship in, moored it at the town dock, went below decks…and has never been seen again.

Rest: The party can rest safely in the Inn, in any non-street location in town, or in the ship when all the wandering monster battles have been completed.

Wandering Monsters: Inside the ship 5 small groups of skeletons and zombies may attack the party. In the streets of Port Llast 2 larger groups of stirges may be encountered.

Objective: Find the note in the captain’s cabin that outlines the Kraken plot to disrupt the shipping lanes around Purple Rock in preparation for the Zhentarim invasion.

Experience: This is a short adventure segment but does have good experience. Make sure to investigate each room and engage every encounter.

Quests: This is an optional stop along the main quest. Port LLast adds a nice look into the effects of the coming invasion by the Zhentarim forces. There is no substantive treasure here but adds flavor to the main narrative. It also includes the use of a Magic Mouth of which I’m always a fan.

Leaving: After clearing out the ship, head north to Luskan

Port Llast was once of great importance to humans, serving as the capital of the realm of Stornanter. Whenever Illusk would fall to orcs, duergar or other evil forces, Port Llast would be the Last Port and the most northerly safe harbor on the Sword Coast but as Neverwinter grew, it became relegated to a backwater settlement of much less import.

With the Spellplague and the resurgence of Abeir, the tides of Port Llast were changed and the harbors filled with silt. This ultimately made Neverwinter an easier harbor to reach. With the docks of Port Llast failing and trade dying off, many citizens fled the town or died at the hands of marauding bandits and sahuagin raids, leaving only a few stubborn holdouts remaining in residence. Some time after the War of the Silver Marches, Frost giants raided the town twice, killing any townsfolk who stood their ground.

1 – Town Guard

2 – Port Llast Inn

3 – Stonecutters’ Guild

4 – Harbormaster

5 – Skeleton

6 – Zombie

7 – Owlbear

8 – Undead

9 – Captain