1. Vilriel’s Shop of Useful Items – Here you can purchase Holy Water, Silver Mirrors and Flasks of Oil.
2. The Silverymoon Vault – This vault remains locked until the party receives the Card of Counting from Amanitas in Everlund . Once they have the card, it allows them to magically store and retrieve treasure at all 3 vaults (in Silverymoon, Yartar and Neverwinter) as if they were all one place.
3. Moonbridge Boat Rentals – Rent boats to (more safely) travel between cities.
4. Helmer’s Wall Tavern – Like Yartar and Nesme, you can Fight in the Taverns to gain additional experience.
5. Inn of the Downstream Run – The party can rest here to recovery hit points and spells..
6. Secret Door – A secret door to the east leads to the hidden area where the Zhentarim hide their captives.
7. The Lady’s College – The Dean here tells the party of the city’s troubles.
8. 1’adrumm’s Armory – The party can purchase both weapons and armor here.
9. The Temple of Mielikki – A banner here lists how many days remain until the next Festival, which occurs every 7th day. Inside the temple healing services are available.
10. Bridge Guards – The Bridge Guards here assure the party that the invisible bridge across the River Rauvin is actually quite safe to use.
11. Miresk’s School of Thaumaturgy and Shop of Magical Items – The magic items on sale here are very expensive, probably too expensive for the party this early in the adventure. Later, when the party has more money, they should return to Silverymoon and pick up any items they might find useful. The store sells 3 different clerical scrolls; potions of invisibility, speed and extra healing, gauntlets of dexterity; arrows +1 ; and daggers +1.
12. The Vault of the Sages – This ancient library for magic-users is where Amanitas stayed whenever he visited Silverymoon. The party is told that he was here, but has disappeared amidst signs ofa struggle. The party can then search the building for clues.
13. Mielikki’s Glade – The Festival is held here every seventh day.
14. Broadhand’s Forge and Tack Shop – This shop is open only during the Festival of Mielikki and is where the hidden Banite shrine is located . When Broadhand appears, choose DISCUSS FESTIVAL and then FRIEND IN NESME SENT US. Broadhand mistakes the party for fellow Banites and leads them through the secret opening in the back of the shop.
Behind the shop, Broadhand tells the party more about the Zhentarim plot, and explains that a magic user named Amelior Amanitas has found a way to prevent the conquest of the region. Amanitas is staying at the Vault of the Sages here in Silverymoon, and Broadhand tells the party to seek him out immediately.
15. Market Place – This wide area is the market place.
16. Ransacked Room – Searching this room, the party finds a note giving directions to the hidden rooms in the northern part of the city where Amanitas was taken by the Zhentarim.
17. Hall of Training – Character can level up here for 1000GP (200PP)..
18. The Moonbrdge – An invisible span that magically crosses the River Rauvin.
19. Warehouses – This is an area of warehouses and piers along the river.
20. Prisoner – Erek, Amanitas’ grumpy but loyal northman assistant, is chained to the wall in this tiny room. After the party releases him, Erek tells them that Amanitas has been taken to Everlund. He says that from there, the Zhentarim plan to take Amanitas to Zhentil Keep to endure cruel tortures. He implores the party to hurry to Everlund and rescue the great magic-user.
Erek tells the party that he’s coming along to help save Amanitas. If they accept his offer he joins the party until Amanitas has been rescued or the party leaves the area around Silverymoon and Everlund.
21. Encounter – Several bandits are sorting through their toot here in their hideout.

22. Trolls – A small group of trolls inhabit this room. Someone is shouting at them, but the party has to fight the trolls before they can see who it is. This is an important battle in the early part of the game. The trolls are very tough, make sure that the party is fully healed and has memorized spells . Casting a Bless spell on the party before the battle couldn’t hurt either.

The party is standing in a doorway as the combat opens. Try to arrange the party so the 3 best fighters line up vertically in the doorway, with the rest of the party behind them. Since the trolls are 2 squares high, only one can attack the front row at a time in the 3-square-high corridor, while the back row of the party can attack with spells and arrows. Try to have a character stand on the spot where the first troll falls to keep it from regenerating and getting back up.

The treasure from this battle includes a piece of jewelry. Have it appraised at a local shop – if you’re lucky and its value is high it may pay for the training of several characters.

23. Orcs – Several orcs guard this room.
24. More Orcs – A group of orcs is hiding in this house.
25. Barbarians – These ruffians have taken over this residence.
26. Kraken Hideout – A small group of Kraken spies and a Kraken captain are in this location. Use a Sleep spell to take out the spies, then surround the captain to complete the battle. After defeating them the party finds a map of the Kraken complex beneath Yartar.
27. Giant Frogs – Several giant frogs are in this warehouse near the river.

Synopsis: Silverymoon is a big town located in the northeast section of the map. It is normally less concerned about outside attack than with such things as the study of magic, music, etc. It is the site of one of the two shops in the game where magical items can be purchased.

The Festival of Mielikki occurs in Mielikki’s Glade (in the small part of the city south of the river) every seventh day this time of year. Banners in the city tell how many days to the next festival day. If necessary, the party can rest in the inn until the appointed time.

Located at the edge of Mielikki’s Glade, the hidden Banite shrine serves as a perfect cover for the cleric Broadband’s illicit trade of precious metals mined-or stolen-from the northern mountains.

The party must enter the shop during the Festival so Broadhand mistakes them for fellow Banite conspirators and tells them how to stop the Zhentarim plan to conquer the Savage Frontier.

Resting: The party can rest safely in the Inn or in any non-public location . They cannot rest in the streets, the market or Mielikki’s Glade.

Wandering Monsters: In the market place, bandits may accost the party. After their hideout has been cleared there may be one more such attack and then they stop. In the piers and warehouses by the river several lizard men may attack.

Objective: Locate Broadhand at his shop (14) during the Festival of Mielikki. Search for clues to Amanatis’ whereabouts at the Vault of the Sages (12).

Experience: Hopefully you took advantage of the experience in Nesme, as Silverymoon is not as prolific. Most of the encounters are pretty straightforward, but the rescue of Erek, Amanitas’ assistant, is a challenging battle against 2 trolls. If you took care of the other trolls in Nesme, and leveled up, this battle should be easier.

Quests: As you move around the city, there will be various banners informing you when the Festival is. On the day of the Festival you can meet with Broadhand at his shop (14). If you miss the opportunity to meet with Broadhand on the day of the Festival, the weekly timer will reset. After rescuing Erek, you cannot return to Nesme without him leaving the party, as he is only interested in proceeding to Everlund and rescuing Amanitas.

Magical Supplies: Miresk’s School of Thaumaturgy and Shop of Magical Items sells Clerical Scrolls and Potions (Invisibility, Speed and Healing). You can also purchase Guantlets of Dexterity as well as +1 Arrows and +1 Daggers. If you’ve been racking up the gold, you should have enough for a few Healing Potions which can be very useful in a tough fight.

Leaving: Rent a boat and head to Everlund after rescuing Erek. Allow him to join the party and equip him with Bow and Arrows like Krevish to help with long range combat.


Silverymoon was often dubbed “the Gem of the North”, for it resembled and emulated the (formerly) lost elven city of Myth Drannor in many respects. It was one of the few civilized places in the middle of the rough and untamed wilderness that was the North of Faerûn. It had a rich cultural life and was renowned as a meeting place for all races that were morally inclined towards good. Even the occasional drow with good intentions (most notably the famous ranger Drizzt Do’Urden) could eventually find hospitality in the city of Silverymoon.

Silverymoon was also famous for its pervading tradition of magic, and was home to many notable wizards, sorcerers and other mages. One of its permanent structures, the Moonbridge, was created by magic.


The fighting force that protected Silverymoon was comprised of the famed Knights in Silver. In 1372 DR, they were led by a paladin named Sernius Alathar. There were also the Spellguard, an order of, primarily, wizards and sorcerers led by the half-elven wizard Jorus Azuremantle. The High Marshal of the Argent Legion, the army of the Confederation of the Silver Marches (composed of soldiers from every signatory of the confederation) also resided in Silverymoon. The current High Marshal is a half-elf fighter/wizard by the name of Methrammar Aerasumé.


1 – Helmer’s Wall Tavern

2 – Hall of Training

3 – The Temple of Mielikki

4 – Vault of Sages

5 – Miresk’s School

6 – The Lady’s College

7 – Bridge Guards

8 – Broadhand

9 – Erek

10 – Troll

11 – Bandits

12 – Orcs