1. Food storage area – Carrion crawlers have moved in to scavenge here.
2. Barracks – Each of these rooms is a barracks, housing driders and Lordsmen. The troops are often on patrol, leaving some of the barracks rooms empty.
3. Stairs – To the west are the stairs that lead up from Geildarrs Keep to the city of Llorkh. The party may retreat from the Keep for rest or healing and then return to continue the fight.
4. Encounter – Hill giants and Zhentil fighters use this as a gaming room.
5. These two chambers house etdns and hill giants from Geildarr’s forces. They are often out on patrol, leaving the rooms unoccupied.
6. Encounter – Here a black-caped man is giving orders to a mixture of troops-an ettin, hill giant, and drider among them.
7. Cortarra’s chamber – The evil enchantress, Cortarra, resides in this chamber. When the party enters she attempts to deceive them by taking the shape of her prisoner, Siulajia. Confronted with the image of identical twins, the party must solve the puzzle to separate friend from enemy. Cast a detect magic, detect evil, or dispel magic spell, and the caster will see through Cortarra’s disguise . She will become angry and attack – along with her cockatrice pets and several of Geildarr’s Men.

After the battle, take care to collect all of Cortarra’s magical equipment. Among other things, the party will find a dagger+2 and a wand ofmagic missiles .

After the party has collected the treasure, Cortarra’s prisoner, Siulajia, steps forward to thank the party and to tell her story. If the leader of your party (i.e. the character at the front of the party when it descended the stairs into the Keep for the first time) is male, she will offer to join the party. She is a strong fighter and an excellent archer, so accept her offer.

8. Lord Geildan’s chamber – This is the site of the final battle in the Keep. As the party enters the room, Geildarr has cast a spell to animate a skeleton and is commanding it to attack a fighter he has captured . Once the party walks through the door, the skeleton (as well as the Krakens, Zhentil captains, and Hosttower mages who have been watching this event) turn to attack.

This encounter is in two parts; in the first segment the party must defeat the skeleton and the group of men with it In the second portion Lord Geildarr himself will attack, along with many guards. The captive whom the party saved from the skeleton will fight on your side in this second battle. His name is Jarbarkas.

If the leader of your party (i.e. the character at the front ofthe party when it descended the stairs into the Keep for the first time) is female, Jarbarkas will offer to join the party. He is a strong fighter and an excellent archer, so accept his offer. IfSiulajia is already in the party he will thank them for saving him, then depart.

Synopsis: After murdering the last dwarven leader, Lord Geildarr and his Zhentarim supporters expanded the ancient underground dungeon now known as Geildan’s Keep. It is there that he resides, issuing orders to his forces.

Once the party has freed the rest of Llorkh and crushed Geildan’s forces there, they must go into the Keep and destroy Lord Geildarr himself.

Resting: The party may rest safely in a) any of the guard barracks if they are empty; b) any of the rooms with high ceilings, if they are empty; c) the black-taped man’s room; d) Cortarra’s chamber; and e) in Lord Geildarr’s room.

Wandering Monsters: In the main hallways, Lordsmen and Zhendl fighters will be encountered. Around Cortarra’s area and near Geildarrs Chamber, Lordsmen and driders will appear. In the storage area to the southeast, carrion crawlers can be found. Each of these battles will occur no more than five times.

Objective: Defeat Lord Geildarr and his Zhentarim supporters that are attacking this Dwarven city. These are the remnants of the Zhentarim army from Gateway to the Savage Frontier. Lord Geildarr is located in the keep below the city east of Event 6.You can also complete the Falling In Love quest here. See the Main Story tile under the Falling in Love tab for more information.

Experience: This is a small map, but with lots of encounters and plenty of experience and treasure..

Quests: Defeat Lord Geildarr and accept or reject the Falling in Love. If the first character listed in the party roster is male, Siulajia will offer to join the party and begin a relationship with him. if the lead character is female, then Jarbarkas will offer to join the party and begin a relationship with her. There are significant penalties for dismissing these NPCs after they join the party from heartbreak. There is no real interaction with the character in terms of building the relationship, like more modern games. You’ll have to use your imagination to create the story between the two characters on your own.

Leaving: After clearing out Llorkh and Lord Geildarr’s keep below the city, train your characters then head west to Loudwater.

Llorkh was originally founded by Netherese refugees fleeing the downfall of Netheril, sometime after its fall in the Year of Sundered Webs, −339 DR. The neighboring settlement of Loudwater was founded around the same time.

Later on, further settlement of Llorkh and Loudwater, as well as Longsaddle, Secomber, Triboar, and others, was undertaken by pioneers from Waterdeep after the establishment of the Lords of Waterdeep there in 1032 DR. These pioneers were sponsored by noble and mercantile Waterdhavian families.

Llorkh grew to become a sleepy mining town, its people busy working mines in the nearby hills and farming the surrounding land. The town was led by a series of lords, well-respected, retired miners and warriors. However, production soon started to wane and Llorkh began to dwindle. Only stubborn miners and many sheepherders were expected to remain.

1 – Siulajia

2 – Cortarra

3 – Jarbarkas

4 – Lord Geildarr

5 – Milzorr