I. Armoghh’s Armoire of Arms and Armor – A weapons and armor shop.
2. The Loudwater Hall of Training – Level your party here..
3. Unicorn Run Boat Rental shop – Rent a boat here to travel to other cities on the World Map..
4. Temple of Corellon Larethian – This temple provides healing to injured party members. .
5. Encounter – Several Krakens are peering at a map in this room. Turn on the SEARCH mode here before entering the battle to find a secret exit from Loudwater to the west
6. Kidnapped (Quest) – Here the party encounters a young woman whose mother has been kidnapped -or so she says. Actually, she is a greenhag who has changed shape to try to lure the party into the building to the south.
7. Encounter – The greenhags live in this room. Whether the party believed the act put on by the greenhag outside the door or simply came here later while exploring, the greenhags will greet them with sharp claws.
8. Encounter –  More Krakens occupy this room. After fighting them, the party will discover a portion of their orders.
9. Encounter –  Ghouls patrol this older, undead-occupied area of Loudwater.
10. Crypt (Quest) – Ghouls and wights stand guard in this chamber.
11. Crypt (Quest) – Ghouls, wights, and wraiths inhabit this old mausoleum.
12. Crypt (Quest) – This long-vacant, dustfilled room is occupied by ghouls and wights. After the party has cleared these three undead controlled rooms (numbers 10-12) and destroyed the wandering ghouls in the corridors, the people of Loudwater will cautiously return to the area. They will reward the heroes with a cloak of protection +2.
13. Enalin’s Shop of Adventurers’ Supplies – Buy adventuring supplies here like silver mirrors, holy water and flasks of oil .
14. Encounter – Beautiful singing draws the party into this chamber. Ugly harpies attack once they get there.
15. Guards – Guards will not allow anyone, even the party, to travel this way.
16. Encounter – Pirates and banites hover over a sack of booty In this room.
17. The Woodlands Inn – The party can safety rest here for 1 platinum piece..
18. The Tavern O’er the Waters – This building straddles the River Shining here. The party can pass through this tavern to cross the river, as they did to surprise Vaalgamon In GATEWAY To THE SAVAGE FRONTIER.
19. Guards – City guards watch the gates of Loudwater at these locations.

Synopsis: Undead have taken over the southeast comer of the town. When the party goes there, be sure it is during the daylight hours-darkness always brings out more roving monsters.

Resting: The party may rest inside any building, except in the undead area until it has been cleared.

Wandering Monsters: Undead will be found in the southeast comer of the city until the area is cleared. Each monster group may appear twice.

Objective: Defeat Lord Geildarr and his Zhentarim supporters that are attacking this Dwarven city. These are the remnants of the Zhentarim army from Gateway to the Savage Frontier. Lord Geildarr is located in the keep below the city east of Event 6.

Experience: There is plenty of experience here. Make sure to search each area and engage all encounters. Most of the battles here are straight-forward, although the Driders can cast Fire Shield which can be deadly to melee fighters. There are few magic-users here.

Quests: This is a continuation of the plot explored in Gateway to the Savage Frontier. After the city is liberated, the main plot will begin.

Leaving: After clearing out Llorkh and Lord Geildarr’s keep below the city, train your characters then head west to Loudwater.

Llorkh was originally founded by Netherese refugees fleeing the downfall of Netheril, sometime after its fall in the Year of Sundered Webs, −339 DR. The neighboring settlement of Loudwater was founded around the same time.

Later on, further settlement of Llorkh and Loudwater, as well as Longsaddle, Secomber, Triboar, and others, was undertaken by pioneers from Waterdeep after the establishment of the Lords of Waterdeep there in 1032 DR. These pioneers were sponsored by noble and mercantile Waterdhavian families.

Llorkh grew to become a sleepy mining town, its people busy working mines in the nearby hills and farming the surrounding land. The town was led by a series of lords, well-respected, retired miners and warriors. However, production soon started to wane and Llorkh began to dwindle. Only stubborn miners and many sheepherders were expected to remain.

1 – City Guard

2 – Supplies

3 – Tavern

4 – Inn

5 – Kidnapping

6 – Healing

7 – Boat Rentals

8 – Training

9 – Armory