Mass Effect 1

Although originally only called Mass Effect, the 1 is added to differentiate it in the series and to maintain a standard. In this Page you will find everything I have collected about Mass Effect for my adventures through the Galaxy. 

Paragon Starting Character

Since I am looking to maximize my Paragon Points through this Series, I am starting with the following guides for my stats. I also prefer to keep it simple with the Soldier specs.

Background & Psych
Starting Paragon Points

Spacer/War Hero: 20 Paragon
Colonist/War Hero: 15 Paragon
Earthborn/War Hero: 10 Paragon
Spacer/Sole Survivor: 15 Paragon
Colonist/Sole Survivor: 10 Paragon
Earthborn/Sole Survivor: 5 Paragon

Profile Reconstruction

Profile Summary

Name: Omni Shephard
Origin: Spacer
Reputation: War Hero
Class: Soldier

Paragon Points: 20

Profile Reconstruction

Military Specialization

Soldiers are combat specialists ideal for the front lines of a firefight. Soldiers get improved health, can train in the use of all weapon types, start with the ability to use medium armor, and can specialize in heavy Armor.

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Paragon Walkthrough

Here are the different sections for getting maximum Paragon Points.
I don’t list any Renegade Points. 

Prologue: Find the Beacon
 Paragon Points

Joker “I agree”: 2 PP
Jenkins “Relax, Jenkins”: 2 PP
First Contact “He deserves a burial”: 2 PP

Ashley “Are you okay?”: 2 PP
Ashley “Don’t blame yourself”: 2 PP
Dr. Warren “You’re safe”: 2 PP

Cole “It’s safe”: 2 PP
Cole “He may know something”: 2 PP
Smuggler “Let it go Williams”: 2 PP

Ashley (male) “You helped”: 2 PP
Kaidan (female) “You helped”: 2 PP

 22 Paragon Points available

Citadel: Expose Saren
 Paragon Points

Tower “Quit protecting him”: 2 PP
Garrus “It was a big risk”: 2 PP
Samesh “This isn’t right”: 8 PP

Fist “Save Yourselves”: 2 PP
Jhaleed “No more”: 8 PP
Council “It’s the best solution”: 2 PP

Garoth “Find brother”: 2 PP
Chaleek “You don’t need her”: 2 PP
Jhaleed: “Do it legally”: 8 PP

Jax/Chellick “Sure”: 8 PP
Sha’ira “Thank you”: 2 PP
Xeltan “Secret from General”: 2 PP

Hanar “You can preach”: 8PP

22 Paragon Points available


The X Factor

At this point the Paragon points should be flowing in. But there may still be times where the blue conversation isn’t available. In that case, it’s probably a low Charm score.

To make sure all Paragon conversation and action elements are available, make sure to max out your Charm every chance you get. Together with a good flow of Paragon Points, you should be able to connect with all Paragon elements.

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