Mass Effect 2

Mass Effect 2 is one of my favorite games of all times. ME2 improves on ME1 in every way. The story is deeper and wider and the combat feels just right. But even with this expanding franchise, the game feels easy to manage and track.

Paragon Starting Character

I maximized my ME2 Paragon stats by importing my ME1 character who was maxed out on Paragon Points. I started with the first Paragon section filled.  

Background & Psych
Starting Paragon Points

Spacer/War Hero: 20 Paragon
Colonist/War Hero: 15 Paragon
Earthborn/War Hero: 10 Paragon
Spacer/Sole Survivor: 15 Paragon
Colonist/Sole Survivor: 10 Paragon
Earthborn/Sole Survivor: 5 Paragon

Profile Reconstruction

Profile Summary

Name: Omni Shephard
Origin: Spacer
Reputation: War Hero
Class: Soldier

Paragon Points: 20

Profile Reconstruction

Military Specialization

Soldiers are combat specialists ideal for the front lines of a firefight. Soldiers get improved health, can train in the use of all weapon types, start with the ability to use medium armor, and can specialize in heavy Armor.

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Paragon Walkthrough

Here are the different sections for getting maximum Paragon Points.
I don’t list any Renegade Points. 

Prologue: Find the Beacon
 Paragon Points

Joker “I agree”: 2 PP
Jenkins “Relax, Jenkins”: 2 PP
First Contact “He deserves a burial”: 2 PP

Ashley “Are you okay?”: 2 PP
Ashley “Don’t blame yourself”: 2 PP
Dr. Warren “You’re safe”: 2 PP

Cole “It’s safe”: 2 PP
Cole “He may know something”: 2 PP
Smuggler “Let it go Williams”: 2 PP

Ashley (male) “You helped”: 2 PP
Kaidan (female) “You helped”: 2 PP

 22 Paragon Points available

Citadel: Expose Saren
 Paragon Points

Tower “Quit protecting him”: 2 PP
Garrus “It was a big risk”: 2 PP
Samesh “This isn’t right”: 8 PP

Fist “Save Yourselves”: 2 PP
Jhaleed “No more”: 8 PP
Council “It’s the best solution”: 2 PP

Garoth “Find brother”: 2 PP
Chaleek “You don’t need her”: 2 PP
Jhaleed: “Do it legally”: 8 PP

Jax/Chellick “Sure”: 8 PP
Sha’ira “Thank you”: 2 PP
Xeltan “Secret from General”: 2 PP

Hanar “You can preach”: 8PP

22 Paragon Points available


The X Factor

At this point the Paragon points should be flowing in. But there may still be times where the blue conversation isn’t available. In that case, it’s probably a low Charm score.

To make sure all Paragon conversation and action elements are available, make sure to max out your Charm every chance you get. Together with a good flow of Paragon Points, you should be able to connect with all Paragon elements.

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