These are the notes from my Unity Prosperity class at unity of Boulder as a Group Leader – Oct/Nov 2018.

Lesson One – Spiritual Substance, the Fundamental Basis of the Universe

Divine Mind is the only Reality. The Spiritual body transmits to the visible (physical) body and world. In the new age, we will serve for the joy of serving, not a slave to money and process. Religious leaders keep the “herd” in darkness and ignorance of the Supermind. Science now postulates that space, rather than matter, as the source of life. This space is a dynamic energy of potential (“ether”) that awaits people’s grasp, but has only been slightly utilized.

Jesus spoke not about heaven, but the heavens, which is the rich “ether” that surrounds us. We are it’s rulers and it is intelligent. “Seek ye the kingdom first, and all things shall be added unto you” and “Whatever ye ask, in believing, ye shall receive.” The ether are the potentials ideas, and when we hold onto them with certainty, they manifest into physical reality. We affirm them with thought (visualization), words (feelings) and deeds (action).

The ether is always ready to give. Become conscious of the thoughts you are thinking. God is substance or energy or light. God is not matter or form. Matter is bottled up waves (ignorance or confusion) waiting to be freed.”Thou shalt decree a thing, and it shall be established unto thee.” Ether is like the abundance of air, we can pinch it off and suffocate, or breathe it in deeply knowing it is always there. Any ideas of the ether being controlled or possessed must be released. Divine supply is brought forth without laborious struggle. Seek for the highest good in using the ether.


Lesson Two – Spiritual Mind, the Omnipresent Directive Principle of Prosperity

Ideas are constantly evolving, it is futile to lock them down and restrain and make them static. Ideas are the centers of consciousness, they have positive and negative poles. We must accept everything in our reality as coming from us, since all is mind. Even hell (separation) exists for those “out-of’bound” ideas. That’s the true power of manifestation, owning it all, good and bad and then accepting it and tweaking our thoughts.

The very fact that you carry an idea in your mind, carries with it the possibility of fulfillment. Just be patient, and stay in the vibration of the idea, even though the act of it’s unfolding may not be understood. Divine laws are precise like math. Allow ideas from Spirit to bloom and blossom in its own way without our intrusion. Sometimes dreams help when the mind is still. Elijah and the persistence of calling for the rain.

We need to devote more attention to meditation and alignment with Spirit (our Spirit). God’s thoughts are our thoughts and we give gratitude for this experience of perspective of the amazing beautiful Divine. When we see something out of accord with God’s will like poverty, we say “tain’t so!” We refuse it and return our attention immediately to abundance and let go of the belief that manufactured and attachment. We don’t have to be fully awake to use these Divine laws of creation. Above all, have Faith in the process, in Him. Do not judge the outer appearances.

Part One – Love, Lies and A Great Awakening


Chapter One – Money and Me, Money and Us

The Archuar, an Indigenous people in the Amazon rain forest, are learning to use money for the first time. Their culture has always been based on reciprocity, helping one another and sharing with one another. But contact with the outside world and corporations wanted to drill for oil beneath their land and so they are being thrust into modern civilization. Chumpi, a member of the tribe, was elected to go to America and learn English and the monetary system. Other tribes were taken advantage of by not understanding money and had traded away their lands and lost that money.

Chumpi was determined to learn from those lessons, and bring money and the ideas around money into a harmony with their culture to bring about a sustainable future for both them and their lands. This also can help us to reexamine our own culture’s relationship with money, We sometimes feel that if we stop our striving for money, we’ll lose our place on the team. We believe that if we aren’t gaining, we’re losing. Money is an invention, a way to facilitate the exchange of goods and services. But in our modern culture money has moved from being a tool of convenience to a tool of control and manipulation.

We give money the amount of power it has over us. It has been used for good and for terrible things which has created destruction, demands and inequality. It can also create anxiety, anger and self-esteem issues for the individual that has little to no money, It can also create great divisions within our families and ourselves. Lynne and Bill got caught up for a time in the accumulation of money and living larger and larger while neglecting their children and the important things in life. They eventually got involved in a charity, The Hunger Project, and turned their money and time into making a difference in the world, a big paradigm shift for them from selfish, fearful and judgmental to heartfelt, vulnerable and soulful. Money isn’t good or bad, it’s a reflection of our inner consciousness.


Chapter Two – Into India: Heart of Hunger, Soul of Money

She speaks about how profound the poverty is in India. The stark contrast between the rich and the poor and the people living everywhere and anywhere, and having to step over bodies just to walk around. Apparently there is a beggar industry there, where mafia style bosses encourage mutilating children so they are more beggar worthy. Many of this is from the old caste system. In the West, many people hurt themselves and each other over money as well (Divorces, sickness, etc).

It’s important to realize that in the West we rely on technologies and a standard of living that in some ways takes advantage of “slave” labor in other countries and it’s important to be aware of where our true living comes from and it’s real price. She met with Mother Theresa and said to know my work is to know me. She also mentioned being “God’s pencil.” Two rich people interrupted the meeting with an almost savagery for a photo with Mother Theresa. Lynne felt a fiery contempt for them, but eventually settled into a compassion for the lost rich as much as the lost poor. Mother Theresa eventually responded to her letter and told her to have compassion for the rich for they are suffering just as much in their own prison..

Lynne came from a place of knowing the hunger could be eradicated, even in the face of such suffering and overwhelming odds of poverty in India. Also fund raising wasn’t about twisting arms for money, but allowing for the rich to engange in greatness of helping others and bringing in their own healing. Using the money for their deepest callings helped that personal transformation that was missing in the wealthy. We need to re-imagine our relationship with money and our soul and let go of the biggest lie of all – scarcity.


Chapter One – The Truth about Substance

God is not loving, He is the allness of Love. He is not wise, he is the allness of Wisdom. He is not abundant, he is the allness of abundance. And we are that. In science the space between particles are considered more important that the particles themselves. it’s not that particles are being acted upon by a force, but rather the particle is the result of the force. Similarly, we are God’s force expressed. Jesus said he had overcome the world, meaning he was able to be centered in his allness in the world. God doesn’t come and go.

Just like gravity, there is no place on Earth where substance is stronger or weaker. Jesus “seek not the treasures of the world, where moth eat, thieves steal and become rust. Find the treasure within the heart.” We live in substance as a fish lives in water. As the Quakers say “When you pray, move your feet.” Take inspired action. Lack is not a lack of abundance, but rather a lack of the awareness of your inner abundance. Where there was one treasure, when the second one comes, there are two treasures. The universe never runs out nor does their need to be competition of any kind. Bless a competitor in your midst saying “May he find his personal flow of abundance.”

Our abundance is our inheritance, we need only to reach out and claim it. The universe owes you a living. We need only let go of our distorted beliefs around our worthiness of abundance and the virtues of sacrifice. Onliness is looking at what is lacking, rather than the gratitude of what is there. As she retrieved more vessels, the flow of oil continued until the last one was filled. How many vessels do we have in our mind to fill? You don’t have to get more substance, it’s how much you have to receive consciously.The practice of the “Presence of God” is reminding yourself continually that you are the Presence of the infinite, eternal substance from which all things proceed.


Chapter Two – Your Fortune Begins With You

We cannot make changes in our life until we accept the Law of Consciousness, because we live in our own world of consciousness. And we can control what goes on in our Mind. And we must accept fully that our life is from our Mind and thinking. There is the collective consciousness and the individual consciousness, we have power of the latter which can help heal the former. Positive thoughts add to the increasing of prosperity and negative thoughts are decreasing prosperity.

Jesus’ statement is simple Law of Attraction, what you think about, you bring about. And how we feel and act are demonstrations of how what we are thinking. Abundance is not asking God for things, it’s remembering your allness inside you and your oneness with abundance. This is getting into a higher awareness of Divine Law. “Don;t expect a miracle”, is not to coax a magic show from a reticent God. Instead be more “in-tune” with Divine Law and abundance and open the pipe. It can also seem like “luck” or “favor”

Being in the abundance is also playing with your abundance, instead of being on the wheel for more. The Fortune is within us, not “out there” in the world. Some of those latter beliefs lead to superstitions and rituals. Don’t get caught up in luck breaks or past fortune. Entropy is a result of losing that passion, that drive, that faith, that opposite of which is “syntropy” – the charmed life. Emerson quote about chasing dreams, but not much mention about the “barriers”. .