The Galactic Federation is known by many different names and refers to the species in our Milky Way Galaxy that have organized in peace and light to assist and teach developing worlds and civilizations.

This organization has a Prime Directive that does not interfere with civilizations until that help has been requested. The way the help is generally recognized is each planet has a Crystalline Grid which resonates at a specific frequency based on the Collective Consciousness of the planet. When it reaches a certain level, that information is received by the Galactic Federation and assistance is dispatched.

During this time a small council is established to make First Contact with that civilization. However, before contact can be made, there is a period of healing and additional vibrational increase that the planet must go through. In Earth’s case, this means more sightings and visitations to establish the ET vibration in the Collective Consciousness, otherwise, it would be too much of a shock to the planet if they suddenly landed. As this vibration is established, there must be a certain amount of acceptance among the Collective Consciousness to make contact.

Until First Contact is officially made, ET communication is still happening in a variety of ways. One of the ways it makes it’s presence known is through Crop circles. Although many skeptics have tried to debunk these phenomena has hoaxes, science is beginning to demonstrate the different between ET crop circles and man-made crop circles in terms of soil, plant and energy differences. Not to mention the ETs have increased the complexity of their crop circles to remove all doubt. Crop Circles are messages about hope and are also multi-dimension diagrams meant to aid in the vibrational increase in those that observe them in person or on web pages.

Additional communications come in the form of channels and CE-5 contact. Darryl Anka channels Bashar’s Hybrid Group and Barbara Marciniak channels the Pleiadians group. There are many more channels out there communicating with both ETs and Ascended Masters. CE-5 is a way of Spiritual Meditation that can then guide a UFO in for visual contact. Sometimes that contact can result in actual contact with the beings themselves if the group is ready and no fear is blocking that additional contact.


To be selected as an Earth Ambassador for ET visitation, one must begin some kind of process of enlightenment. This doesn’t need to be full blown awakening, but an awareness of some physics, metaphysics, meditation, and spirituality is important. Otherwise, contact and the vibrational increase they provide would be too overwhelming.

Some of the things you can do to raise your vibration is developing a meditation and prayer practice. There is no wrong way to do meditation. It can be whatever allows you to calm your mind and become centered in your heart. An example might be taking a minute to count your breathes and not attach to any thoughts that are floating by while shopping at a store or taking a break during business hours. If you do get attached, it’s okay to realize what happened, and then to let go and return to counting. We recommend working up to at least 20 minutes each day to begin disciplining the mind which can be very chaotic when the ego is allowed free reign.

Prayer can be positive affirmations and gratitude given while in meditation or during the day. It’s important to use “I AM” when making these affirmation since these represent Divine Being. God is not an outside force, but rather the energy moving in you and as you. Thus you align with the Creator to bring in love’s awareness and this allows you to re-become those Divine Principles that we forgot. We do not ask God for things or favor, because that reinforces the belief that He is separate and that lack is real. Instead we use the I AM affirmations to claim our Divine birthright of oneness and abundance. Here are some examples: (SAUCE) I AM Strong, I AM All-Powerful, I AM Unlimited, I AM Christ Consciousness, I AM Eternal – (OIL) I AM One with God, my brothers and sisters, and all of Creation, I AM Innocent, I AM Love and Light.

Some Spiritual development resources you can use to raise your consciousness include A Course in Miracles, which is a book channeled by Jesus through Dr. Helen Schucman. This book is very comprehensive and is comprised of three parts; A Text, A Workbook for Students, and a Manual for Teachers. The text provides background about who we are and why we are here. The Workbook provides 365 daily lessons to discipline the mind into Divine alignment and the manual for teachers is additional information for overall teachings. Other resources include “Be as you are: The teachings of Ramana Maharshi” by David Godman, and “Opening to Channel” by Roman/Packer.

And finally you can learn about basic Quantum Mechanics online through various resources and YouTube videos. Movies like “The Secret” are incomplete but do provide a good introduction to learning the power of the mind and vibrational attraction. Another good movie is “What the bleep do we know.” As you progress through these basic introductions, you will discover areas that resonate more with your bliss and excitement, and you should follow those signs and intuitions.