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Misc Home Items 2

Miscellaneous home items that are older items, need some kind of processing or are spare parts or items that may have some use in the near future.

List of items

Cat Toy – Ball in enclosed circle

Garmen Chest Strap

Heating Pad

Speedo Water-proof Pouch

Wells Fargo Deposit Bag

Tad’s University of Phoenix Sash

Hockey Puck Certificate, Stickers, Yzerman figure, Stuffed Bear

Tie Rack (White)

Vent Covers


Brother’s Carbon Monoxide Alarm

Bissel Vacuum Cleaner Belt

Moving Pads

Rain Poncho


Chinese Case


Smoke Alarms

Family Friends Pictures

Mom Eulogy DVD

Travel Money Belt

3 Older Alarm Clocks

Magnetic Globe

Star Trek Glow Stand


Guitar Hero PartsĀ 

Cycle OpsĀ 

Heel Inserts

Ace Bandage Wrap

Patch Kit

Steve Yzerman Figure


Sudoku Electronic Case

Totes Magnetic Pen

Trivial Pursuit Hand Held Electronic Game

Rubik’s Cube

Dart Board

Anderson Plaque