List of all Container Bins in the basement.

Container ID: 1 (Misc Home Items 2)

Inventory: Cat Play Circle, Garmen Chest Strap, Heating Pad, Water Proof Pouch, Red Wings Bear (Cert, Stickers, Yzerman figure), Wells Fargo Deposit Pouch, U of P Sash, Tie Rack, Vent Covers, Fuses, Moving Pads, Binoculars, Pics, Mom DVD, $ Belt.  

Container ID: 2 (Computer Overflow)

Inventory: Misc Cables, Power Strips, Power Cables, etc.

Container ID: 3 (Candles)

Inventory: Various candles items and oil burners.  

Container ID: 4 (Power Adapters)

Inventory: Various power adapters and supplies.  

Container ID: 5 (Misc Computer Items)

Inventory: Sony Vertical CD-DL Burner, Blu-Ray Burner, Win 98 SE Product Key and Floppy Disks, AGP/PCI 2.0 Video Cards, DIMMs, PC Case Items (rubber feet, power & cables, mounts), Logitech Spkrs, Rack screws, Logitech Webcam, Analog Phone.  

Container ID: 6 (Audio - Video Cables)

Inventory: Miscellaneous Audio & Power Cables.  

Container ID: 7 (Misc Home Items 1)

Inventory: Sony CD Burner, Portable Blu-Ray player, portable CD Car Music player, Panasonic Camcorder Battery Charger, Polaroid Camera, Disposable Cameras, Harmonica, Souvenirs, Umbrella cover, small auto parts.

Container ID: 8 (Game Consoles)

Inventory: Sony PlayStation I and II, Xbox I and Xbox 360, Sega Dreamcast, Video cables, Power cables, Remote Controls and Controllers.

Container ID: 9 (Misc Overflow)

Inventory: Books, Comic Books, Mini Binders, etc.

Container ID: 10 (Taxes)

Inventory: Tax Receipts.  

Container ID: 11 (Power)

Inventory: Extension cords, Power strips, PetSafe Electronic Box, Battery Recharger, 12V AC to DC Power Converter, Electronic Timer.  

Container ID: 12 (Console Games)

Inventory: Sega Dreamcast games, Playstation games, Xbox games and Windows games.

Container ID: 13 (Office Supplies 2)

Inventory: Small Bin – Staples, Staplers, Rulers, Sticky’s, Envelopes, Pocket Dictionary, Playing Cards, Pencil Box, File Box, Index Cards, Rubber Bands, Paper Cutter, Calculators, Letter Opener, Mini Binder, Calibri Pens, Thank You Cards.

Container ID: 14 (Office Supplies 1)

Inventory: Big Bin – Avery folders and photo papers, Letterhead and Business Cards, Hanging and File Folders, Manilla Envelopes, and Various Binders.

Container ID: 15 (Europe Trip 95)

Inventory: Various Souvenirs from Europe Trip 95.

Container ID: 16 (Navy Memorabilia)

Inventory: Navy files and souvenirs from Navy Service 91-93.

Container ID: 17 (Furniture Accessories)

Inventory: Miscellaneous accessories for furniture, including the Front Door and mover pads.

Container ID: 18 (Halloween Costumes)

Inventory: Halloween Costumes and Accessories. 

Container ID: 19 (Kitchen Overflow)

Inventory: Miscellaneous Bowls, Plates, Mugs, Silverware, Utensils, etc. 

Container ID: 20 (Pictures & Frames)

Inventory: Pictures and Frames.

Container ID: 21 (Artwork & Supplies)

Inventory: Miscellaneous artwork and supplies.

Secret Stairs: Misc Items

Inventory: Natalie’s Futon Mattress & Frame, garment bags, guitar bag, green screen frame, meditation cushions.